Newsletter – Episode 90

Episode 90 – March 8, 2017



cool pic SharePoint Framework reaches general availability—build and deploy engaging web parts today

SharePoint Team is proud to announce the general availability of SharePoint Framework—allowing developers and administrators to build and deploy parts that are used by Office 365 users in their production environments.

cool pic SharePoint Framework (SPFx) enterprise guidance

This document provides administrators with the background, benefits, and knowledge they need to successfully manage SharePoint Framework-based components within their SharePoint environments.

cool pic File Security in Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

This whitepaper provides an overview of security and compliance best practices for OneDrive for Business in Office 365.

cool pic Rencore TechTalks: Episode 3 – Getting to know Feature Pack 1 for SharePoint 2016 with Trevor Seward

In this episode, Rencore is catching up with Trevor Seward on what the Feature Pack 1 is and what Trevor’s favorite features are.

cool pic Rencore TechTalks: Episode 4 – SharePoint 2016 and the BI workloads with John White

In this episode, Rencore is catching up with John White on SharePoint 2016 and the BI workloads.

cool pic Australia Ignite 2017

Videos from Australia Ignite 2017 Conference that was held on Feb 14–17 in 2017.

cool pic Hyperfish Podcast – Cracking the Knowledge Management nut with Office Delve with Sue Hanley

Jeremy Thake talks to Sue Hanley, Office 365 MVP and collaboration and knowledge management consultant, about how Office Delve can help get you closer to the knowledge management nirvana she’s been dreaming about for over 20 years.

cool pic What the SharePoint Framework means to users with Andrew Connell — Hyperfish Podcast

Jeremy Thake talks to Andrew Connell, Founder of Voitanos and Microsoft MVP, about the SharePoint Framework and what it means to users of Office 365.

videos & presentations

cool pic
PnP Webcast – Provisioning SharePoint assets for your SPFx solution

Presentation for the SharePoint PnP webcast around SharePoint asset provisioning when solution is taken into use.

cool pic
Deploying and Governing Office 365 Groups

Explore how to get Office 365 Groups deployed and setup and how to do this with the most common Hybrid setups of Exchange. In addition, author will also go through the various governance and control options to help keep groups well controlled in a large organisation.

cool pic
SharePoint Patterns & Practices – JavaScript Special Interest Group Recording, 2nd of March 2017

SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) – JavaScript Special Interest Group (SIG) bi-weekly call recording for the 2nd of March, 2017 meeting is now available from PnP YouTube channel.

cool pic
PnP Webcast – Provisioning SharePoint assets for your SPFx solution

In this PnP Webcast, PnP team covered different options around provisioning SharePoint assets to SharePoint sites as part of the SharePoint Framework solution package.

cool pic
SharePoint PnP Webcast – Business Value of PnP assets – Why to use reusable components?

This webcast can be considered as 100 level introduction to the SharePoint PnP initiative, including objectives and value it’s targeted to provide for the customers and partners.

blogs & tutorials

5 Things SharePoint Client Side Developers Should Stop Doing Immediately (1/5)

In this series of articles author will explain what a SharePoint client side developer need to stop doing so that he/she could be ready to play in the new playground.

What’s Next for the SharePoint Framework?

If you are a SharePoint developer doing any work in SharePoint Online and you have held out on taking a look at the SharePoint Framework, now is a good time to start taking a look.

All you never wanted to know about Exchange Online, Azure AD and Office 365 Groups creation

Here you will find some insights from Mikael Svenson into the magic of moving the groups when migrating from on-premises to Office 365.

Azure AD Group Based Licensing

Overview of Azure AD Group Based Licensing.

Customize SharePoint from Mac OS

In this article author will explain how to save time and how to get access to all the files and folders needed to customize SharePoint sites from your Mac.

Move SharePoint Online Files with PowerShell

Learn how to manage and automate your SharePoint Online Document Libraries with the Patterns and Practices PowerShell.

Understanding the SharePoint Framework Development Toolchain Email Course

Over the course of ten days, author will deliver daily, easy to digest emails to your inbox that will peel back the onion and simplify what may be confusing you in this new development model.

How to customize search results look by using result types and display templates in SharePoint 20106 SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2010?

Display templates are templates used in Web Parts that use search technology (referred to in this article as Search Web Parts) to show the results of a query made to the search index. Display templates control which managed properties are shown in the search results, and how they appear in the Web Part. For more details read the article.

Creating Azure Functions For SharePoint Operations Using Managed CSOM

In this article, you will learn how to create Azure function apps to test SharePoint operations, using Managed CSOM code. Azure function is a way to run the solutions or piece of code over the Cloud. It helps in processing the data or integrating other systems or even working with the internet of things devices.


SPCAF v6.9 is out with support for SharePoint Framework RC0

SPCAF v6.9 which supports analysis of solutions built with the SharePoint Framework Release Candidate 0 has been released.

SharePoint 101 (Novice Level)

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