Newsletter – Episode 67


Episode 67 – June 7, 2016



cool pic European SharePoint and Office 365 Community Awards 2016

The European SharePoint Community has announced that European SharePoint and Office 365 Community Awards 2016 are now accepting submissions.

cool pic Weekly Roundup – Office 365 Network

Check out this week’s issue of Weekly Roundup for an at-a-glance view of hot topics and conversations.

cool pic 7 Reasons You Need To Upgrade to SP2016

There are many new features offered by SharePoint 2016, such as improved mobile experience and IRM, and there are even more to come. Review the best of them and find your own reasons for an upgrade.

cool pic Be prepared for the SharePoint Framework

Over the years SharePoint development has been impossible without a specific environment. With the new framework you are absolutely free to choose your environment, the only requirement is a computer able to run the latest web technologies, you can even use Mac OS or a Linux distro.

cool pic Microsoft Delays SharePoint 2013 MCSD Retirement

As you know Microsoft previously announced that SharePoint 2013 MCSD developer exams would be retired on September 30th, 2016. However, recently a delay of this date has been announced. Currently, both 70-488 and 70-489 exams are set to retire on March 31, 2017.

videos & presentations

cool pic

Search display templates tips and tricks.

Slides from the presentation about Search display templates by Elio Struyf at Paris SharePoint conference.

cool pic

How to Integrate SharePoint 2013 and Office Web Apps

In this video you will learn what are Office Web Apps (OWA), what are their features, how to design OWA, and how to configure Office Web Apps for SharePoint.

cool pic

Updates to Office 365 in High Contrast Black Mode on a PC

Steven Liss walks through why High Contrast mode is so important for people such as himself with a visual impairment and highlights the latest enhancements in Office 365 applications to support High Contrast themes in PCs.

cool pic

Introducing Advanced Security Management for Office 365

Lead engineer, Astrid McClean demonstrates Office 365 Advanced Security Management. A new capability was added to the service which gives you enhanced visibility and control of your Office 365 tenant by: identifying high-risk and abnormal usage; assigning a risk score and alerting you when a policy gets triggered; enabling you to investigate alerts, set your own custom policies and take further actions to remediate suspicious activity.

cool pic

Office Dev PnP Web Cast – Preparing for SharePoint Framework – What should I learn?

In this PnP Web Cast Waldek Mastykarz and Vesa Juvonen concentrated on how to get prepared for the upcoming SharePoint Framework.

blogs & tutorials

A practical guide to SharePoint permissions

SharePoint permissions can be complicated. Whether you’re brand new to site ownership or a seasoned vet, keeping permissions as simple as possible is always the best practice. It will keep you from losing your mind. This post will give you some guidance on how to set up permissions when you get or inherit a new SharePoint site. Follow these proven practices and things will remain simple and easy to manage. Remember, a simple permissions setup can keep you from going insane.

The SharePoint 2016 roadmap

Microsoft unveils its plans for the future of SharePoint. Four key themes will dominate the product’s evolution over the next 8 months.

Bringing out the client side hammer – The one thing you should learn about SharePoint search in 2016

In this blog post Mikael Svenson shares his client side solution for the top flaws in SharePoint search.

Cloud-Accelerated Hybrid Scenarios with SharePoint and Office 365

This is a free guidance book that provides an overview of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 hybrid scenarios, including basic details on configuring one or more hybrid workloads.

Replacing SharePoint 2013 Item Templates with AngularJS

Here you will find a neat walk-through of how to replace SharePoint item templates with AngularJS-based ones. The code is available on GitHub.

Export Web Parts using REST

An example of how you can export web parts using REST with recent updates to SharePoint API.


Spsave 2.x version has been released!

Spsave is nice Node.js module for saving files in SharePoint (SharePoint 2013/2016, SharePoint Online). You will also be interested to look at this Gulp plugin: gulp-spsave.

SharePoint 101 (Novice Level)

Upload And Set Custom Master Page To Site Using CSOM PowerShell On SharePoint

In this article you will learn how to upload and set master page using CSOM PowerShell on SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint online sites.

SharePoint hybrid sites and search

When you add Office 365 to an environment where you’re already using SharePoint Server, by default there’s no integration between the two. With SharePoint hybrid features, you can tie the two environments together in a variety of ways to make a more seamless user experience.

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