Newsletter – Episode 65

Episode 65 – May 24, 2016



cool pic New enhancements to Office 365 eDiscovery further simplify the eDiscovery process

Microsoft has released several eDiscovery enhancements to the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, including case management, search, hold and export. These new eDiscovery enhancements further strengthen the rich set of eDiscovery capabilities already present in Office 365 to help you quickly investigate and meet legal and regulatory obligations from the Security & Compliance Center.

cool pic Microsoft Releases SharePoint 2016 MCSE information

Microsoft has finally released the information about MCSE certification. The exam number is 70-339 and is called Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016. According to the Collab365 Conference session, the 70-339 exam will be the only SharePoint exam required for the SharePoint 2016 MCSE certification. The date for the exam release is June 20th according to information on Microsoft learning site.

cool pic SharePoint 2016 Architectural Models

Here you will find .PDF and .VSDX versions of the Sharepoint 2016 Architectural Models. Download the .VSDX if you have Visio, otherwise download the .PDF for the Adobe Acrobat Reader version. These are in 11×17 format for easy printing.

videos & presentations

cool pic

Introduction to Bulk UPA Custom Profile Properties Update API

In this PnP Web Cast you will concentrate on Bulk UPA Custom Profile Properties Update API for SharePoint Online which enables you to update custom profile properties of your end users in batch format.

cool pic

Episode 093 on PnP and the SharePoint Framework—Office 365 Developer Podcast

In this episode, Richard DiZerega talks with PnP founder Vesa Juvonen about the evolution of PnP and the SharePoint Framework.

blogs & tutorials

How to: Using Azure Analytics to track usage of your Office 365 portal

Microsoft now has a brand new offering: Azure Application Insights, its answer to Google Analytics. It will work with any website, built in any language, hosted on any platform, and it offers a raft of interesting features. This blog post by Matthias Einig, SharePoint Server MVP, will walk you through the setup process and will show a little of what is possible.

Branding the Office 365 Login Page

Today more and more organizations are transitioning to Office 365 which is a cloud based solution offered by Microsoft. When an organization purchases the Office 365 subscription, the login screen can be customized accordingly. This blog post describes an easy way how this can be accomplished.

Part 2 – Embed a Power BI Report in a SharePoint site

This is part 2 of the blog post series: How to embed a Power BI Report in SharePoint. Please check Part 1, if you missed this in Episode 63. In this part you will focus on how the report can be added to SharePoint as a custom web part.

The future of SharePoint: A Lego-like box of services

After Microsoft’s “Future of SharePoint” event in San Francisco on May 4, much of the excitement and conversation has been, of course, around new functionality and an improving user experience. The article is focused less on features and functionality, and more on the change in how we look at collaboration and information management through the lens of the maturing SharePoint platform, and of the many cloud services now available.

Searching in SharePoint using React and Webpack

An example by Waldek Mastykarz of how to start using React for building Office 365 solutions.


Style Guide generator for SharePoint and Office 365 Development released

Stefan Bauer has published the beta version of the style guide application for SharePoint and Office 365.

SharePoint Client Object Model (CSOM) API for node

The library provides SharePoint Client Object Model (CSOM) API for Node.js applications.

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