Newsletter – Episode 62

Episode 62 – May 3, 2016



cool pic Office 365 vulnerability exposed any federated account

Vulnerability in SAML allowed anyone to log into Microsoft Office 365 instances. Microsoft fixed the vulnerability within 7 hours once issue had been reported, and handled the disclosure process admirably.

cool pic Introducing Yammer external groups

Microsoft has announced the new external groups feature in Yammer, enabling you to include people outside your company in a Yammer group.

cool pic Episode 091 on Angular 2 with Sahil Malik—Office 365 Developer Podcast

In this episode, Richard DiZerega and Sahil Malik talk about what it means to be a developer with Office 365 and the Office 365 work Sahil has been doing with authentication, Angular 2 and Cordova.

videos & presentations

cool pic

ebook: Planning and Preparing for Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid

Microsoft has announced the release of another free new  e-book: Planning and Preparing for Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid by Jeremy Taylor. This book is part of a series on how to connect SharePoint on-premises to Microsoft’s cloud services. Enjoy!

cool pic

JavaScript and Microsoft Graph (Quick Contacts Sample)

In this PnP Web Cast Stefan Bauer and Waldek Mastykarz concentrated on Quick Contacts PnP sample, which was originally released as part of the April 2016 monthly release.

cool pic

Managing your app principals in Office 365 – Tooling and Scripts

In this PnP Web Cast Frank Marasco focused  on how to manage your app and service principals using either code or using PowerShell.

cool pic

Blocking Malware and Spoof attacks in Office 365

Antimalware protection in Office 365: hands-on with troubleshooting a zero-day virus.

blogs & tutorials

Office 365 Add-Ins Dialog API released

In this article you will find out that the new Add-Ins Dialog API has been released and is working with Office 2016 and in Office 365.

How to embed PowerBI in a SharePoint site

This blog post by Roland Oldengarm is part one of the series on how to embed PowerBI into a SharePoint site, plus you will find the source code on GitHib.

Managing Office 365 with PowerShell

This blog post by Corey Burke claims that just about everything you can do (and many things you cannot do) in the Office 365 Management Console can be accessed and automated using the PowerShell module for Office 365.

Top 10 Improvements in SharePoint 2016 for Business Users

Once again about top ten improvements in SharePoint 2016. This time let’s consider that IT professionals won’t be your only pool of users. This blog will help you to be informed and ready to guide business users.

Evaluate your SharePoint Search Topology

SharePoint Search is a great solution that can be used for indexing all kinds of content whether within SharePoint or external such as shared network drives. As SharePoint grows with content, it becomes important to monitor and check the search configuration to ensure it can handle everything.

SharePoint2016 – Planning and architecting Distributed cache Service

As more and more customers are looking at and planning to deploy SharePoint 2016 on-premises infrastructures, it’s an ideal time to get a precise look of how our old habits should be challenged with the new version. Patrick Guimonet, MVP will help you to accomplish that in his article.

Search Performance: A case of AV slowing down crawls

You are probably aware of the nasty impact of Anti-Virus (AV) on the performance of SharePoint Search. The point is that there is no single path to failure caused by AV, but this blog post will walk you through some representative scenarios.

Get all SharePoint Document Library Files and Folders at a ServerRelativeUrl in One REST Call

If you need to build a directory tree view of a Document Library for a client, this blog post will be very helpful for you as there is not a lot of good documentation for the REST endpoints for Folders and Files in SharePoint.


SharePoint Server 2016 Overview Guide

The SharePoint Server 2016 Overview Guide provides an overview of new capabilities in SharePoint Server 2016.

Starter Master Pages – SharePoint 2016

A new version of SharePoint is about to be released for general availability, and with that Randy Brisgill has some new starter master pages for you to use for custom branding.

The Latest of Microsoft Office Developer Tools: Office Add-in Commands and SharePoint 2016 Support

As a Visual Studio user, you can get started right away and take advantage of all the new Office extensibility goodness inside the IDE. Read this article for more details.

SharePoint 101 (Novice Level)

SharePoint Client Object Modal (CSOM)

Client Side Object Model (CSOM) was first introduced in SharePoint 2010. The Client Side Object Model is mainly used to build client applications and enables us to access SharePoint Sites that are hosted outside without using web services. Prior to CSOM, developers had only a few choices to build client applications. Find CSOM basics in this article.

Deploy Office add-ins with the new Admin Center

In case you didn’t know, there’s a new Admin Center for Office 365. In this post, you will focus on the new deployment mechanism for Office add-ins.

upcoming events & webinars

[THIS WEEK!!!] The Future of SharePoint

Come celebrate SharePoint and see Jeff Teper, CVP OneDrive and SharePoint, unveil the new vision and roadmap for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, both on-premises and in the cloud with Office 365. The online event will take place on May 4th, 2016, so be sure to register and add it to your calendar!

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