Newsletter – Episode 61

Episode 61 – April 26, 2016



cool pic Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Is Now Available In The Cloud – Amazon’s Cloud

Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise became available for the first time as a preconfigured offering that could be self-provisioned in the cloud. Only it wasn’t Microsoft’s cloud.

cool pic New Office 365 Project Portfolio Dashboard apps are live

The Project Portfolio Dashboard apps announced last fall are now available in the Apple and Office app stores! These apps come pre-configured with powerful dashboards allowing business leaders, portfolio managers and project managers to gain insights into areas such as resource utilization, project portfolio performance, costs, active risks/issues and key milestones.

cool pic European SharePoint Conference Program and Speaker Line-up is now Live

Visit the site to find out all the details!

Videos, Presentations & Podcasts

cool pic
Achieving more with Office 365, through FastTrack

FastTrack engineer, Mike Graham, offers a quick overview of how FastTrack can help you as an IT Professional, to achieve more with Office 365 within your organization.

cool pic
Office 365 Education – Microsoft Classroom and School Data Sync

Learn about what’s new within Office 365 Education, including Microsoft Classroom, a homepage where teachers and students can manage all of their classes and assignments online.

cool pic
PnP Web Cast – SharePoint Client Side Object Model versioning for your customizations

In this PnP Web Cast Vesa Juvonen and Bert Jansen concentrate on SharePoint Client Side Object Model (CSOM) versioning and how you can take the different SharePoint target versions into account in your customization.

blogs & tutorials

Thinking like a Hacker to help Secure SharePoint

In this blog post you will find out how you need to think to keep your SharePoint secure.

Teaming Up with SharePoint, or Collaboration That Counts

As a strong collaboration platform, SharePoint helps team leaders to encourage employees’ independent input, confidence and engagement that will ensure better performance and contribute to a company’s bottom line. Read this article to find out more about the value SharePoint brings in terms of collaboration and how it can positively impact your business.


What is Azure ExpressRoute? and How do I get Started?

Azure ExpressRoute lets you create private connections between Azure datacenters and infrastructure on your premises or in a colocation environment. Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute lets you extend your on-premises networks into the Microsoft cloud over a dedicated private connection facilitated by a connectivity provider. With ExpressRoute, you can establish connections to Microsoft cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and CRM Online. Connectivity can be from an any-to-any (IP VPN) network, a point-to-point Ethernet network, or a virtual cross-connection through a connectivity provider at a co-location facility.

SharePoint 101 (Novice Level)

How to export SharePoint to Excel

Being a Microsoft product, SharePoint has native integration with Excel. And any content can easily be exported to Excel. Read the article to get more information.

Office 365 Adoption & Training Resources

Open this article and there you will find some useful resources that are available for Free for driving end-user adoption.

Office 365 – Adding Connectors or Apps to Office 365 Groups

This blog post is an Introduction to Office 365 Connectors. Connectors are currently in Developers Preview. See to get started.

upcoming events & webinars

[REMINDER] The Future of SharePoint

Come celebrate SharePoint and see Jeff Teper, CVP OneDrive and SharePoint, unveil the new vision and roadmap for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, both on-premises and in the cloud with Office 365. The online event will take place on May 4th, 2016, so be sure to register and add it to your calendar!

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