Newsletter – Episode 57

Episode 57 – March 29, 2016


cool pic What’s new — Office 365 Video

Here you will find some insights into the new functionality in Office 365 Video including video viewer statistics.

cool pic Microsoft Releases SharePoint 2016 IT Pro Certification Information

Microsoft Learning has published some exciting information for SharePoint IT Pros interested in SharePoint 2016 IT Pro Certification. Information about Course 20339-1, “Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016” has been released, as well as Course 20339-2, “Advanced Technologies of SharePoint 2016”. The courses are set to be released on July 8 and July 21, 2016.

cool pic New, improved and deprecated features in SharePoint Server 2016

This article describes the features that are new or have been improved in SharePoint Server 2016.

cool pic New reporting portal in the Office 365 admin center

Here is the announcement of the new reporting portal, which provides you with valuable insights about how Office 365 services are being used and delivers details down to the individual user level directly in the new Office 365 admin center—and it’s rolling out now!

cool pic New SharePoint CSOM version released for SharePoint Online – March 2016

Microsoft has announced availability of the new SharePoint Client Side Object Model (CSOM) version targeted at Office 365 or more specifically SharePoint Online. This release contains a few updates of the existing SharePoint CSOM assemblies and some maintenance changes.

videos & presentations

cool pic

PnP Web Cast – How to contribute to the Office Dev PnP initiative?

This PnP Web Cast is about how to contribute to the Office Dev Patterns and Practices (PnP) initiative for the benefit of others in the community.

cool pic

Introducing Widget Wrangler for SharePoint development

In this PnP Web Cast you will learn about Widget Wrangler, a JavaScript library to implement embedded JavaScript functionalities in both SP Online and On-Prem.

cool pic

Office 365 Developer PnP – March 2016 Community Call

Skype recording of the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices (PnP) March 2016 community call.

blogs & tutorials

SharePoint Branding and the winds of change

Not that long ago, it was quite typical to create a major SharePoint UI solution for a SharePoint intranet. It would contain one or more Master Pages, CSS stylesheets, images, JavaScript, Page Layouts etc. These days such projects are more of an exception than a rule. So, what’s changed?

Office 365 performance – image renditions causing slow page loads in SharePoint Online

In this blog post Chris O’Brien shares his discovery about performance issues with image renditions that are supposed to be improving performance actually 🙂

VS Code, Git, Gulp and SharePoint

Here is a walkthrough where you will find out how to make your work on SPAs that ‘live’ in SharePoint and communicate with SharePoint comfortable.

Office 365 U.S. Government plans

Office 365 U.S. Government plans are designed for the unique needs of U.S. government organizations. They provide all the features and capabilities of Office 365 services in a segmented government cloud community that enables organizations to meet U.S. compliance and security standards.

Unable to Provision Social Features in SharePoint Server 2016

SharePoint Server 2016 appears to have a bug with the social features on the MySite host. If you go to About Me or the Newsfeed, you may see a never-ending “We’re almost ready!” message. This is due to the social features not deploying when a user creates their MySite. Note that the storage feature will deploy, that is, OneDrive for Business.

Work Management in SharePoint 2016

If you haven’t installed SharePoint 2016 yet, this blog will reveal the doom of the Work Management Service for you in new version of SharePoint.


The SharePoint 2016 VM Setup Guide

This Github repository contains the instructions and PowerShell scripts to install SharePoint Server 2016 in a single-server installation to create a SharePoint on-premises environment that can be used for testing and development. The guide has recently been updated for the RTM version of SharePoint Server 2016.


AutoSPInstaller v3 with numerous enhancements is out! Check out this link to find out more details and to download the latest version.

New version of SharePoint Search Query Tool is released. Try it right now!

Use this tool to test out and debug search queries against the SharePoint 2013 Search REST API.

Power BI custom visuals

Power BI has a visuals gallery which contains many useful visualizations created by the community and created by Microsoft that you can download, and use in your Power BI reports. There is an active developer community creating a wide range of custom visuals. To learn more about how to create a Power BI visual, see Extend Power BI with custom visuals or Create and submit a custom visual.

SharePoint 101 (Novice Level)

SharePoint 2013 Create custom master page using Visual Studio 2013

In this post you will find a detailed guide on how to create a custom master page using visual studio 2013. Visual Studio 2013 and SharePoint 2013 on premise are used for this demo.

upcoming events & webinars

[REMINDER] The unveiling of #SharePoint 2016 by Bill Baer on March 31st

Join the webinar with Bill Baer on March 31 at 2 pm EST

Enterprise Mobility: Awakening the SharePoint Force

This webinar explores the current challenges in mobile content management and presents strategies to tackle them with SharePoint. Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at 8am PST / 11am EST

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Newsletter – Episode 56

Episode 56 – March 16, 2016


cool pic SharePoint 2016 RTM has been released on March 14!

March 14 marks Release to Manufacturing (RTM) of SharePoint Server 2016!

cool pic March 2016 CU for SharePoint 2013 product family is available for download

The product group released the March 2016 Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2013 product family. For March 2016 CU full server packages (also known as Uber packages) are available. No other CU is required to fully patch SharePoint. As this is a common question: Yes, March 2016 CU includes all fixes from March 2016 PU.

cool pic Microsoft releases Office 365 tutorials with over 50 videos

Microsoft released the first 3 training scenarios and each of them consists of six tutorials with over 50 videos. These videos will help users learn how they can work more effectively using Office 365 in their daily activities, on the devices and platforms of their choice.

cool pic Announcing the new Office 365 admin center

Microsoft announced the rollout of the new Office 365 admin center. The new admin center makes management of Office 365 faster, easier and more efficient.

videos & presentations

cool pic

SharePoint Intersection Spring 2016 CountDown Show with Bill Baer

In this short video Richard Campbell talks to Bill Baer of the SharePoint team about the latest updates coming to SharePoint 2016.

cool pic

Update Office 365 ProPlus with native ConfigMgr Controls

Office 365 clients (including Office 365 Pro Plus, Visio Pro, and Project Pro) can now receive updates using a new servicing capability. Now you can leverage ConfigMgr’s built-in workflow engine to natively distribute software updates. You’ll learn how to enable it, see how it works and your options will be also reviewed.

cool pic

Office Dev PnP Web Cast – SharePoint Client Side Development and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

This PnP Web Cast is concentrated on the Cross-Origin Resources Sharing (CORS) considerations in JavaScript development with SharePoint customizations.

blogs & tutorials

How to review and mitigate the impact of phishing attacks in Office 365

This post by John Jendrezak, partner director of program management for the Office Engineering team is about phishing attacks on Office365, their detection and minimization of the impact.

Delve Analytics lets Office 365 users track (and maybe change) bad email habits

Delve Analytics analyzes information extracted from Office 365 to help people work smarter. In this article Tony Redmond shares some insights into how these analytics work and how can they help one become more productive.

10 Office 365 Migration Pitfalls to Avoid

To make sure your migration is a success, make sure you avoid the Office 365 migration pitfalls described in this post by Carl O’Connor.

Ultimate guide to SharePoint size and usage limitations

If there’s one thing all SharePointers have to keep in mind, it’s the limits of the tool they’re using. Here is a nice guide that will help you to learn more about the limitations of SharePoint and how to leverage this knowledge when working on your projects.

Updates to Office 365 Video

Here Mikael Svenson shares information about the cool & exciting updates to Office 365 video.

Accessibility in Office 365 – progress in 2015 and plans for 2016

Office 365 team has increased its investments in accessibility and here are more details on what is in progress and what to expect in the nearest future.

How to configure SharePoint 2016 or 2013 Hybrid Search

Hybrid is currently a big hype. Where a year ago the cloud was the way to go and on-premises advised against, companies have now realized the cloud is not suitable for every situation. Especially government organizations or big companies are not able to migrate everything to the cloud. So, Microsoft has invested a lot in hybrid to bring the best of two worlds together: the flexibility and data sovereignty of on-premises and all the cool new features of the cloud.

Get Certified in 2016 with Microsoft Certification Booster Packs

Microsoft Learning introduced a new special offer called Microsoft Certification Booster Packs to help you get certified!

Office 365 for business – Admin Help

Need help with admin tasks for Office 365 for business? Everything you need may be found here.


Managing Tasks: Office Planner vs. Trello

Haniel Croitoru has created this detailed analysis and comparison of the 2 tools to give you an unbiased opinion which should help you make an educated decision on which tool is best for your needs.

SharePoint 101 (Novice Level)

Field validation with Client-side rendering

Client-side rendering (CSR) has been introduced by Microsoft with SharePoint 2013 and Office 365. With CSR you can add additional functionality to some SharePoint elements very easily by just adding a JavaScript file which implements the missing functionality.

upcoming events & webinars

The Future of SharePoint

Come celebrate SharePoint and see Jeff Teper, CVP OneDrive and SharePoint, unveil the new vision and roadmap for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, both on-premises and in the cloud with Office 365. The online event will take place on May 4th, 2016, so be sure to register and add it to your calendar!

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Newsletter – Episode 55

Episode 55 – March 4, 2016


cool pic Vulnerability: SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 – MS Critical Security Bulletin MS16-015

This week Microsoft released a critical security bulletin related to vulnerabilities in several versions of Microsoft Office (2007, 2010, 2013, 2013RT, 2016, 2011 for Mac, 2016 for Mac). In addition, SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 are also affected. Full details on the vulnerabilities can be found here.

cool pic Microsoft has some big OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online updates

Great news! In addition to the roll-out of Office 2016, Microsoft has a whole range of updates for both OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

cool pic February Office 365 updates

Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office team shares some information regarding the updates that will come to Office 365.

videos & presentations

cool pic

Preparing your on-premises SharePoint 2013 or 2016 for add-in usage

In this PnP Web Cast you will concentrate on additional configuration needed on the SharePoint on-premises farms when you start using add-in model based implementations.

cool pic

SharePoint Responsive UI Package for on-premises (SP 2013 and SP 2016)

In this demo video Paolo Pialorsi, SharePoint MCM, explains how to get started on using SharePoint Responsive UI Package in your on-premises deployment.

blogs & tutorials

Patching Distributed Cache in SharePoint Server 2013

This document explains in detail the procedure to be followed for patching the App Fabric component in Windows Server. An App Fabric Cumulative Update is exactly the same as a CU for SharePoint, it contains all previous CUs. So if we install CU6 you also get CU1 to CU5 installed.

SharePoint 2016: What Is in a Patch?

Microsoft now lets us patch live and rolling through the servers. The file size is now smaller, a lot smaller, which begs the question: “What did they change and what does the patch now contain?

5 promising acquisitions for Microsoft Azure and Office 365

Over the past 30 years Microsoft has acquired 193 companies, 22 of them since January 2015 alone. An interesting thing is that many will be pulled into Microsoft’s current Azure and Office 365 cloud offerings. Not all 22 acquisitions are intriguing, here you will learn about 5 of the most promising ones.

Episode 086 panel at SPTechCon Office 365 Developer Podcast

In this episode, Jeremy Thake sits on an Office 365/SharePoint user group panel discussion with Ben Niaulin, Todd Klindt, Sue Hanley and David Feldman.

The Real Cost of the Cloud Search Service Application

This is a great blog post by Vlad Catrinescu, SharePoint MVP, about the real costs of hybrid search.


SharePoint 2013/2016 Responsive UI

This solution provides you the capability to enable Responsive UI for a Site Collection in Microsoft SharePoint 2013/2016 on-premises. The solution leverages some JavaScript embedding and CSS overriding. Watch also the PnP WebCast (see VIDEOS section in this Episode) to see this tool in action.

SharePoint 101 (Novice Level)

SharePoint 2013 Retrieve the List Item Version History and Attachment URLs Using SharePoint Web Services

In this article you will explore how to maintain the version of the field and fetch the attachment URL of a list item. Here, you will find out how to do it using client side mode via SharePoint Web service using Webservice only (_vti_bin/lists.asmx).

upcoming events & webinars

Office 365 CON 2016

This year’s Office 365 CON virtual live event will take place on Thursday, March 24, 2016. Participation is limited to the first 1000 attendees, so early registration is encouraged!

Make SharePoint SASSy (Level 300)

Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Minsk time UTC+3 (view in your time zone). This is a webinar by Stefan Bauer, SharePoint geek, about how to use SASS with SharePoint.

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