Newsletter – Episode 54

Episode 54 – February 26, 2016


cool pic Microsoft Replacing SharePoint Dev Certifications with Office 365

Microsoft Learning decided to answer the confusion in a follow up blog post, in which we learned that the SharePoint Dev exams are going away, while an Office 365 app exam is coming in! Read this post to find out more details.

cool pic Microsoft Sway Adds Support For Power BI, Access To “Recent” Office Documents And More

Microsoft announced a number of updates for the Sway web service to help you more easily find your content, embed new forms of interactive material, adjust text in new, intuitive ways and more.

cool pic Auditing, reporting and storage improvements for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

Microsoft Office Team has announced an important update for admins — the ability to audit and report on numerous activities that take place within SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, as well as new file size limits for files uploaded to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

cool pic New security management and transparency capabilities coming to Office 365

Bret Arsenault, chief information security officer for Microsoft, announced Microsoft Cloud App Security, a comprehensive cloud access security broker (CASB) solution, based on Microsoft’s acquisition of cloud security innovatorAdallom.

cool pic Microsoft Raises Office 365 File Size Limits, Improves Auditing

Microsoft announced a number of improvements to its Office 365 product, including the expansion of some service limitations.

cool pic Updates to Office 365 Groups

Microsoft Mechanics takes a tour of updates to Office 365 Groups — spanning user, IT and developer experiences. Watch this episode to know more about updates to Office 365 Groups.

cool pic Office 365 — monthly Dev Digest for February

Welcome to the 12th edition of Dev Digest, designed to help you—the Office 365 developer—keep up to date with what’s new in Office 365 development.

videos & presentations

cool pic
Book: Cloud-Accelerated Hybrid Scenarios with SharePoint and Office 365

Microsoft has released a guide, which is an overview of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 hybrid scenarios, including basic details on successfully configuring one or more hybrid workloads.

cool pic
Developing SharePoint Add-Ins with TypeScript and Angular 2

In this episode of Office 365 Dev Pulse, Scot Hillier takes you through developing a SharePoint-hosted add-in with Angular 2.

cool pic
PnP Web Cast – Provider hosted add-in infrastructure setup for SharePoint on-premises

In this PnP Web Cast you will concentrate on the different infrastructural options around setting up provider hosted add-in environment for SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016.

blogs & tutorials

Episode 085 on best practices for Office Add-ins — Office 365 Developer Podcast

In this episode, Jeremy Thake talks to Dean Slawson and Jeffrey Dunn on best practices for Office Add-ins.

Get started with Office 365/SharePoint Online dev – part 2: Developing SharePoint add-ins (apps)

This is the second post by Chris O’Brien around getting started with Office 365/SharePoint Online development. In these couple of articles, he describes a process where developers new to this space can get started by using trial environments and an Azure virtual machine.

Optimizing Office web apps and add-ins for release with Gulp

When building Office web applications and add-ins there comes the time where they are ready for release. This blog pose by Waldek Mastykarz will guide you through creating an Office 365 task pane add-in leveraging Gulp tasks.

What are the differences between SharePoint versions & Office 365 by Natalie Jard

The SharePoint landscape has a quite fascinating history. The product currently has at least 4 versions still in active use – SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365. Find the main differences between SharePoint editions in this article.

Three new first release features for the Video Portal

Find out in this blog post what are three new (First Release) features for the Office 365 Video Portal.

Office 365 introduces different update cycles for Office 2016 apps

This blog post by Jakob Østergaard Nielsen is about the Office 2016 update model, that Microsoft released last year. Office 365 is now introducing the option to control how often updates are introduced to the Office 365 Client apps.

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Newsletter – Episode 53

Episode 53 – February 20, 2016


cool pic Microsoft is retiring SharePoint MCSD developer exams

In an announcement posted by Microsoft Learning on February 16th 2016, Microsoft announced that both MCSD exams (70-488 Developing SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions and exam 70-489: Developing SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions) will retire on September 30th 2016! Read this post to find out more details.

cool pic Updated people profile experience coming soon to Office 365

Office Team has recently announced an update to the Office 365 people profile experience under Delve, which consolidates the profile and activity pages to make it easier for you to discover relevant content, connect with your colleagues and find experts inside your organization.

cool pic February 2016 CU for SharePoint 2010 is available for download

The product group released the February 2016 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2010 product family.

cool pic SharePoint security fixes released with February 2016 PU and offered through Microsoft Update

With February 2016 PU Microsoft Team released security fixes for SharePoint which are offered through Microsoft Update.

cool pic SharePoint 2016 RTM Is Coming March 14 … Maybe

On the 10th of February, Gregory Appel, in response to a question posed by a participant in his seminar on Excel Services and BI in SharePoint 2016, said SharePoint 2016 RTM (Release-To-Manufacturing) should be available by March 14.

cool pic Small businesses get Microsoft FastTrack for Office 365

Businesses with at least 50 seats will now get access to Microsoft FastTrack for Office 365. The service was previously available to businesses with at least 150 seats.

cool pic Deferred Channel build now available for the Office 365 Client apps

The first Office 365 Deferred Channel build (previously known as Current Branch for Business) is now available for Microsoft Office 365 for Windows (including Office 365 ProPlus, Office 365 Business, Project Pro for Office 365 and Visio Pro for Office 365).

cool pic Episode 084 on Clause Library Word add-in — Office 365 Developer Podcast

In this episode, Jeremy Thake talks to Brendon Ford from Provoke Solutions on the Clause Library Word add-in that integrates with SharePoint Online.

cool pic Some News From Office 365 Network

Check out this week’s issue of Weekly Roundup for an at-a-glance view of hot topics and conversations about Office365.

videos & presentations

cool pic
Connecting to SharePoint Online from console application with Azure ADAL and PnP Core Component

This is a blog post around using the PnP Core Component AuthenticationManager class to gain client context from console application using permissions granted from Azure Active Directory.

cool pic
PnP Web Cast – Introduction to Authentication Manager in PnP Core Library

In this PnP Web Cast the focus is on the Office 365 Dev PnP Core Component which is designed to increase the productivity of developers when you are developing applications for SharePoint Online or for SharePoint on-premises.

cool pic
SharePoint 2016 RC for the Business

In these slides from Joel Oleson’s talk you will find information about top 10 SharePoint 2016 New Features with focus on the business user.

blogs & tutorials

Get started Office 365/SharePoint Online dev with an Azure VM – part 1: Create trial environments and a VM

This is one blog post of the series by Chris O’Brian about how to get started with developing SharePoint add-ins.

10 tips a consultant can give to a company issuing an RFP

Corey Roth, MVP shares some nice tips on issuing RFPs. This info may be quite interesting for people who respond to RFPs as well 😉

Office 365 expands Delve features for organizing collaboration

Microsoft has released a new feature for Office 365 Delve to simplify organized team collaboration. But is it too much of a good thing? Here you will find some answers.

[Infographic] Think You Know What’s in Office 365? Think Again

Ben Niaulin has put together a quick infographic guide to Office 365. It’s not going to solve all Office 365 mysteries for you, but could prove useful to clarify a few things, and to unveil powerful tools you didn’t know you had.

Reviving SharePoint Hybrid Lab by Restoring Expired Certificates

If you are playing around with a SharePoint hybrid lab (or are planning to do it), this may be vey helpful for you.

MVP Thoughts: Office 365 Groups vs SharePoint Team Sites

Benjamin Niaulin asked four SharePoint and Office 365 MVPs what exactly they think Microsoft’s solutions bring to the Modern Workplace table.

Leverage Azure Machine learning in SharePoint

Matthias Einig’s blog post is about trying Machine Learning API’s integrated with SharePoint.


SharePoint CSR Live Editor

A Google Chrome browser extension that adds a tab to Developer Tools, where you can create SharePoint Client Side Rendering customizations and they will be applied as-you-type to the underlying page.

New version of the SharePoint Online Client Browser tool has been released

The tool allows to speed up development, find hidden lists/items/documents, discover the structure or specific artifact properties use.

upcoming events & webinars

Collab365 Summit: Huge, Online and Free!

Join the Collab365 team on the 10th, 11th and 12th of May 2016 for an incredible amount of SharePoint, Azure and Office365 content. Delivered direct to your device, when you want it and for no cost at all. Catch premium keynotes across all 3 days. Sessions designed and delivered for IT Pro, IT Dev and Business Delegates.

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Newsletter – Episode 52

Episode 52 – February 12, 2016


cool pic New SharePoint CSOM version released for SharePoint Online – February 2016

A new version of SharePoint Client Side Object Model (CSOM) for Office 365 or more specifically for SharePoint Online is now available. This update contains new Project Online CSOM capabilities and also a few updates on the existing SharePoint CSOM assemblies.

cool pic Microsoft starts rolling out Office 2016 to some Office 365 business customers

Microsoft was expected to release Office 2016 to business customers with an Office Enterprise E4, ProPlus or subscription sometime this month. Today, the company started rolling out Office 2016 to some of its business customers.

cool pic The latest news and upcoming events on the Office 365 Network!

Check out this week’s issue of Weekly Roundup for an at-a-glance view of hot topics and conversations.  Head to WeeklyRoundUp to join the conversation in the Weekly Roundup group on the Office 365 Network.

cool pic New offers make it easier for small and midsized businesses to move to Office 365

The Microsoft Office Team has announced that customers with 50 to 149 seats of Office 365 enterprise and small business plans can take advantage of the customer success service Microsoft FastTrack (previously available only to customers with 150 seats or more).

cool pic February 2016 CU for SharePoint 2013 product family is available for download

The product group released the February 2016 Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2013 product family.

cool pic Episode 083 on Office 365 PNP updates with Vesa Juvonen – Office 365 Developer Podcast

In this episode, Jeremy Thake speaks to Vesa Juvonen about the latest updates in Office 365 PNP.

videos & presentations

cool pic

Introduction to Microsoft Graph for Office 365 developers

This PnP Web Cast covers what’s there in the Microsoft Graph and how you can use it.

cool pic

Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices – February 2016 Community Call

A skype recording of the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices (PnP) February 2016 community call.

cool pic

oAuth and OpenID Connect for Office 365 developer

This PnP Web Cast is focused on Azure AD, oAuth and OpenID connect and how the plumbing actually works.

blogs & tutorials

How to assess security, compliance and privacy capabilities in Office 365

In the article you will find a detailed overview of how Office 365 controls map to the security, privacy, compliance and risk management controls defined in the Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Control Matrix (CSA CCM).

SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate Single Server Installation Guide

In this article you will find SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate Single Server Installation Guide.

SharePoint Goes Mobile with PowerApps

Benjiamin Niaulin was lucky enough to have access to PowerApps in the private preview. PowerApps are a new solution for building mobile apps and workflows. In this article you will find out how it works with SharePoint.

Highlight on-premises search results in your hybrid configuration

Elio Stryuf, Office 365 MVP tells how to highlight on-premises search results in a hybrid configuration.

Don’t create a SharePoint site with the URL “con”

Here you may find a curious case of SharePoint failure and a list of words that cannot be used as site names in SharePoint.

Localize your Office 365 Tenant in 3 Steps

In this blogpost Eugene Dauphin explains how to localize an Office 365 Tenant.

The Essential Guide to Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013

A comprehensive guide about questions related to SharePoint 2013 search.



SPMeta2.Reverse provides a simple API to generate SPMeta2 models from the existing SharePoint sites.

Add custom tiles to the My apps page and app launcher

In Office 365, you can quickly and easily get to your email, calendars, documents, and apps using the Office 365 app launcher. The tiles in the app launcher are those that have been promoted, or pinned, from the My apps Page.

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Newsletter – Episode 51

Episode 51 – February 5, 2016


cool pic Episode 082 on PowerApps with Chris McNulty – Office 365 Developer Podcast

In this episode, Jeremy Thake speaks to Chris McNulty on PowerApps.

cool pic Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery now enables export to third-party review apps

Here is the announcement of the new ability for customers to export eDiscovery data from their Office 365 tenant to third-party review applications. This new capability is in addition to the existing export capabilities already present in Office 365, which allow you to download the data directly to your local computer.

cool pic Support Ending for the .NET Framework 4, 4.5 and 4.5.1

Starting January 12, 2016 Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, technical support or hotfixes for .NET 4, 4.5, and 4.5.1 frameworks. Newer versions of products such as Exchange, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, and Lync are based on the .NET 4 or .NET 4.5. Microsoft recommends you validate your deployment by updating .NET to .NET 4.5.2 in a QA/pre-production environment first before rolling this out to a production environment.

cool pic Yammer automatically added to Office 365 tenants

After significant security and compliance investments, Office 365 team announces that Yammer now meets Office 365’s industry leading compliance commitments. As a result, all Office 365 tenants with a subscription that includes Yammer, will gain the full benefits of Yammer, without any action required by administrators.

videos & presentations

cool pic
What’s new in SharePoint 2016 for IT Pros

This is a recording of a webinar given on January 21st by Vlad Catrinescu, Microsoft MVP, to help you prepare for the coming release of SharePoint 2016.

blogs & tutorials

Install and configure SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate

This is a pre-release documentation for SharePoint 2016 Release Candidate deployment.

What’s new in SharePoint 2016 Remote API Part 4 (Web)

In his blog post Steve Curran, SharePoint MVP, shares an overview of the changes to Remote API in SharePoint 2016. This is the 4th part in the series.

Is Microsoft abandoning the enterprise features of enterprise search?

Mikael Svenson shares his thoughts and concerns related to the evolution of search in SharePoint.

Responsive List Forms – Don’t panic it’s just a table

Stefan Bauer shows how to make SharePoint list forms responsive. Nice and simple!

Should you upgrade to SharePoint 2016, and when?

You should probably upgrade to SharePoint 2016 – at some point. But no need to consider it right away. Mikael Svenson provides you with a decision chart to help you when making the decision.

Build a SharePoint Add-In with Angular2 and TypeScript

Scott Hillier tells how to create a simple SharePoint add-in using Angular2 and TypeScript.

SharePoint 2016 Reaches RC Stage: What It Means for You

Unless you have been asleep for the past week, then you should have seen that SharePoint 2016 hit Release Candidate. Liam Cleary, Solution Architect, Microsoft MVP explains what that means and provides some useful related information.

SharePoint 2016 BETA Search – a first look under the hood

Nicki Borell made a first look into SharePoint 2016 BETA Search.

Office 365 Planner and Office 365 Groups combine to deliver lightweight task management

Microsoft has made Office 365 Planner, its new lightweight planning application for teams, available to Office 365 First Release tenants. There’s lots to like about Office 365 Planner, but some flaws make it less appealing than it might otherwise be.

How to Upgrade to the 2016 Version of Project Pro for Office 365

Project Pro for Office 365 is the subscription-based edition of Microsoft Project. It’s paid as a monthly service and can also be combined with a Project Online license to give you full capabilities of the online project and portfolio management (PPM) solution.



Metasploit modules to perform SharePoint misconfiguration exploitation.

Microsoft Team Unveils SharePoint Search Diagnostic Tool

Microsoft’s premier field engineers for search have produced a new tool to help organizations troubleshoot SharePoint Server search issues.


Updated version of automated SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 PowerShell-based installation script.

SharePoint 101 (Novice Level)

SharePoint How-To: Use Visual Studio to Construct an Add-in

Liam Cleary focused on understanding how to use Visual Studio and construct an Add-in.

upcoming events & webinars

Microsoft Ignite: September 26–30, 2016, Atlanta, GA

Microsoft Ignite gives you five days of hands-on learning, industry insights, and direct access to product experts—all in one place. Secure your spot now since registration is open!

ESPC16 Call for Speakers is now OPEN!

Be part of something truly special. Speak and engage with 1,500+ leading experts, IT Professionals, Developers and Business Decision Makers at Europe’s largest premier Office 365 and SharePoint Conference. With so many recent and upcoming exciting announcements and releases by Microsoft, 2016 will be a transformative year and we want you to share your knowledge, experience, thoughts and innovative solutions with the European SharePoint and Office 365 Community (ESPC) in Vienna this November!

IT Unity’s FREE Office 365 & SharePoint Conference

IT Unity’s FREE Office 365 & SharePoint Conference is scheduled for February 8-11, 2016. Follow the link and join it online!

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